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Tyrolit 115 X 1MM Micro disc

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Tyrolit 115mm micro disc

This Tyrolit 222894 BASIC* 115mm dia cut-off wheel for stainless steel provides easy handling, quick work and high stock removal performance, in addition to a long wheel lifetime.

The chemical purity of this cut-off wheel is a requirement of machining stainless steel in order to avoid material impairments, such as corrosion or fatigue strength reduction.

This super thin universal cut-off wheel is designed for fast, convenient and low-burr cutting of INOX. It is also suitable for use on thin-walled metal sheets, profiles, pipes and rods (small cross-section).

Tyrolit 115mm micro disc Technical Spec.

  • Shape: flat centre
  • Specification: A60R-BFINOX
  • Dimensions: 115mm x 1mm
  • Bore: 22.23mm

Eurosafety offer a large range of Tyrolit abrasive discs Click here to view more, also click here to view Tyrolits website for more information.


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